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Bi-monthly EOS Support Newsletter November #2 [21/11/2023–30/11/2023]: EOS Support Partners with DEX223, ZEOS DEX Unveiled, Embraces EOS, Live Event Schedule, Useful Links for EOS Builders, and much more
Bi-monthly EOS Support Newsletter November #2 [21/11/2023–30/11/2023]: EOS Support Partners with DEX223, ZEOS DEX Unveiled, Embraces EOS, Live Event Schedule, Useful Links for EOS Builders, and much more

Published on December 5, 2023

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Editor: Randall Roland

EOS Support Partners with DEX223 to encourage ERC-223 adoption

EOS Support joins forces with DEX223! The collaboration aims to advocate for the adoption of the highly secure ERC-223 Standard pioneered by security expert Dexaran. DEX223 gears up for its second pre-ICO on December 4th, aiming to boost funding for its groundbreaking project. Explore their innovative pitch deck unveiling cutting-edge features such as integrated ERC-223 and ERC-20 Standards, transparent auto-listings, and revolutionary micro-encapsulated margin trading.

ZEOS released its DEX for testing

The ZEOS DEX is set to revolutionize decentralized exchanges on EOS. It's the first fully decentralized hybrid order book exchange, blending traditional order books and AMM liquidity pools. Offering lightning-fast order matching and fully on-chain data, ZEOS DEX ensures top-notch security and efficiency. With innovative features like Stop and Stop-Limit orders, fair fee structures, and community-driven governance, it's paving the way for a new era in crypto trading. More in their recent post on X.

Get a first glimpse into their DEX:

Stay tuned for its imminent launch and the game-changing ZEOS Shielded Protocol in 2024, enabling private trading—an industry first in the crypto space. Noteworthy is also that ZEOS promises to allow the private use of all dApps on its underlying chain.

Web3 Innovation in Turkey fueled by EOS

The EOS Network Foundation and EOS Network Labs have forged a significant partnership with Turkey's foremost cryptocurrency exchange, The collaboration was officially announced at CoinTR's 2nd Anniversary Party in Istanbul, marking the establishment of Web3 Labs jointly managed by CoinTR and EOS Labs.

Yves la Rose, CEO ENF:

“Thanks to this partnership, $EOS has a unique opportunity to play a key role in the Turkish crypto market (the 4th largest in the world). Together, we will lead Web3 innovation in Turkey.”

The event, attended by over 300 key figures from the industry, finance, and government sectors, including high-profile officials like the Minister of Finance and heads of regulatory agencies, celebrated this milestone for the network. Notable representatives from various projects within the #EOS ecosystem were also present to mark the occasion.

Highlights of the Web3 Labs partnership include synergistic market growth, the launch of a Turkish Web3 Incubator, CoinTR Launchpad, EOS Staking Pool, and comprehensive ecosystem support. The significance of Turkey's crypto market, ranking fourth globally in transactions with $170 billion in volume last year, underscores the partnership's importance in the global cryptocurrency landscape.

More EOS News

  • ENF’s partner NOWNodes has released a guide on how to work with EOS on-chain data via regular RPC Full Nodes and Horizon instances

  • EOS has been listed on Binance Japan

    • The listing of $EOS on Binance Japan marks a significant achievement. It closely follows the approval and whitelisting of $EOS by the Japan Virtual and Crypto Asset Exchange Association (JVCEA). This milestone breakthrough has opened the doors for EOS to start its adoption journey across major Japanese exchanges, with BitTrade Japan leading the way.

  • PassPay is teaming up with EOS Network and EOS Labs to use blockchain technology, particularly the EOS blockchain, for financial services. It aims to revolutionize digital payments and expand the use of stablecoins like JPYW. The partnership aims to bring more security and efficiency to their services while tapping into the potential of blockchain technology for everyday transactions.

EOS Support Ecosystem Updates

EOS Respect Election #15 coming up in December

Apply to join next month's election with your Web3 project on EOS.

  • Learn more about the EOS Respect DAO initiative and its underlying on-chain political playoff system, an evolution of Dan Larimers Eden on EOS.
    It focuses on accountability and building trust by collaborating to identify respected projects, establish shared consensus, and distribute pooled funds from elected delegates to reward projects.

  • The EOS Support and EOS Respect Proxies hold prominent positions among the top public proxies, boasting over 6.1 million EOS staked, which is an increase of 8.9% over the last month! The commitment to giving back to the community is yielding positive results.

EOS Upcoming Public Live Events Calendar

  • Office Hours (Discord): Wednesday at 7:00pm – 8:00pm UTC

  • Twitter Space Panels: Every Thursday except the last from 3:00pm UTC – 4:00pm UTC

  • Next Everything EOS Livestream (YouTube) —(former EOS Fireside Chat) is happening on December 6th 9pm UTC. Want to put your project in the spotlight on the next Livestream? Fill out this form.

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