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How to join EOS Respect

What is EOS Respect and how to join it

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EOS Respect is an initiative launched by EOS Support. It portrays a system that allows any value producer to provide value for EOS Network. The system works by pooling revenue and selecting delegates by community consensus through elections. The pooled revenue is allocated to the elected delegates to fund projects for the prosperity of EOS, EOS Support, and affiliated projects.

To join EOS Support, individuals who are interested can either send an email to or open a support ticket by clicking the blue chat icon located at the lower right corner of this page.

It is of utmost importance for individuals with an interest to wholeheartedly embrace and adhere to the EOS-Respect bylaws. The website stands as an open invitation for anyone to explore, providing insights into both the treasury's workings and the vibrant community that constitutes it. A comprehensive overview of EOS Respect can be found herein, meticulously outlining the responsibilities and privileges that come with becoming an integral part of this dynamic collective.

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