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Bi-monthly EOS Support Newsletter November #1 [1/11/2023–20/11/2023]: EOS Labs in Charge of Pomelo 7 Payout: What you need to know | WharfKit 1.0 is live! | EOS BP Meeting Summary | EOS Support Ecosystem Pitch Decks and more
Bi-monthly EOS Support Newsletter November #1 [1/11/2023–20/11/2023]: EOS Labs in Charge of Pomelo 7 Payout: What you need to know | WharfKit 1.0 is live! | EOS BP Meeting Summary | EOS Support Ecosystem Pitch Decks and more

Published on November 21, 2023

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Editor: Randall Roland

EOS Labs is officially in charge of Pomelo Funding: What you need to know for Season 7 payments

There is a notable sense of concern within the community regarding EOS Labs taking over the matching pool for Season 7 of Pomelo after the recent announcement on EOS Labs’ X Account @eosnetworklabs. A part of the community expresses skepticism about the lack of official communication, leaving uncertainty about the actual intentions. The proposed compromise of allowing most projects in the current season, coupled with concerns about EOS Labs' role in project selection, underscores worries about potential shifts in community control. The fear is palpable that Pomelo's original purpose, as a community-driven platform, may be compromised, particularly if EOS Labs assumes a more dominant role in funding decisions.

The grant holders within the community are eagerly awaiting the payouts promised for mid-November. There's a prevailing sentiment that any adjustments to the rules, aimed at preventing fund misuse for non-productive projects, would be acceptable if communicated beforehand. However, the current dissatisfaction arises from changes made during or even post-season, which are viewed as less than graceful and tend to frustrate the community. Transparent and pre-communicated alterations to regulations would be warmly welcomed to ensure smoother transitions and foster a more cohesive environment.

What do you need to know to get your Pomelo Funds from Season 7?

  • Before the distribution of funds, the EOS Labs team will re-audit the “delivery history and ecological valueof all the projects applied for funds for Season 7

  • Aiming to ensure effective use of funds, projects with clear focus “on user growth and actual delivery of products that contribute to ecosystem development” will likely get funding.

  • The Pomelo team has recently communicated to all Pomelo Grant owners via email. If you are a Pomelo Grant owner, please ensure that you have received this email, as it contains a request to reach out to EOS Labs at

Wharf Kit 1.0 was released — a new era begins for devs on Antelope

WharfKit by Greymass hits a milestone turning one, unveiling version 1.0 on Nov. 14! It's packed with Session, Contract, and Account Kits for developers. The new EOS Support Platform (soon to be released) harnesses this awesome Toolbox. Grab tools from the official site and GitHub, plus detailed docs. Need help? Join the Telegram chat. Cheers to Wharf's progress!

Listen to the recent Twitter Space with Wombat and WharfKit about improving UX (user experience) of Web3 to make it much easier for new devs to work on AntelopeIO.

What is included in this release? Check out the contents here

November BP Meeting: ENF Financial Audit Challenges, EOS Labs Report,

In the meeting, the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) disclosed that they faced challenges securing a full Level 3 Audit due to various factors including the lack of Fireblocks, from the start of ENF’s financial transactions. They discussed potential interim solutions like a Compilation and Review Engagement.

EOS Labs, receiving over 470,000 EOS monthly from ENF, expanded to 128 projects in two months. With a lean team of four full-time staff and part-time workers, they focus on supporting ecosystem projects and exploring liquidity strategies.

Investment updates highlighted a $1.5M ENV investment in Upland for GameFi growth. Upland presently stands as the most active application within the EOS ecosystem, accounting for approximately 80% of resource utilization. Another ENV investment announcement is imminent.

Discussions also revolved around the potential challenges in activating BLS host functions, crucial for the planned Instant Finality in the Leap 6 Upgrade slated for late 2024. The ENF cautioned against a hard fork now, due to concerns about approximately 180 entities, such as exchanges, potentially losing synchronization with the network.

Read the detailed summary on ENF’s blog.

EOS EVM added support for Defibox Assets

  • Newly Supported Assets: $sEOS, $BOX, and $USN from @DefiboxOfficial now supported by EOS EVM Trustless Bridge.

  • Cross-VM DeFi: Facilitates seamless transfers between EOS Native and EOS EVM, enabling liquid staking of $EOS derivatives and collateral-backed stablecoins.

  • Transfer Process:

    • From EOS Native: Send tokens to 'eosio.evmin' with EVM public key in the memo field.

    • From EOS EVM to Native: Utilize the trustless bridge frontend at

    • Official ERC20 Contract Addresses on EOS EVM:

      • USN: 0x8d0258d6ccfb0ce394dc542c545566936b7974f9

      • sEOS: 0xbfb10f85b889328e4a42507e31a07977ae00eec6

      • BOX: 0x9b3754f036de42846e60c8d8c89b18764f168367

  • Whitelisting Process: Tokens selected based on utility, user activity, liquidity, and trading volume. More tokens to be whitelisted soon.

  • Upcoming Development: A permissionless token listing process is in development, expected to launch in early 2024.

EOS Support Ecosystem Updates

EOS Support has taken a proactive step in fostering collaborations by unveiling its pitch decks, aimed at engaging external entities for potential project partnerships. These presentations showcase the initiatives of EOS Synergy, EOS Respect, EOS Audit, RORO Technology, and EOS Support. By making these decks accessible, EOS Support invites exploration and participation in their diverse range of initiatives, aiming to expand networks and facilitate impactful collaborations within the EOS ecosystem and beyond.

EOS Respect election #15 coming up in December

Apply to join next month's election with your Web3 project on EOS

  • Learn more about the EOS Respect DAO initiative and its underlying on-chain political playoff system, an evolution of Dan Larimers Eden on EOS. It focuses on accountability and building trust by collaborating to identify respected projects, establish shared consensus, and distribute pooled funds from elected delegates to reward projects.

  • The EOS Support and EOS Respect Proxies hold prominent positions among the top public proxies, boasting over 5.6 million EOS staked. The commitment to giving back to the community is yielding positive results.

GameFi on EOS

  • PlayZap Games is the top EOS EVM game and within the TOP 10 games on the BNBchain.

EOS Upcoming Public Live Events Calendar

  • Office Hours (Discord): Wednesday at 7:00pm – 8:00pm UTC

  • Twitter Space Panels: Every Thursday except the last from 3:00pm UTC – 4:00pm UTC

  • Everything EOS Livestream (YouTube) — formerly EOS Fireside Chat: Last Wednesday of each month from 8:00pm UTC – 9:00pm UTC on YouTube

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