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How to join EOS Audit

This article will help its reader to understand how to join EOS audit

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EOS Audit provides a comprehensive review and analysis of Pomelo and affiliated EOS Support projects. The goal is to provide project updates, and progress and assist donors in their decision-making during pomelo seasons and EOS Respect elections.

The goal of EOS Audit is to provide the community with decisive project information to assist in decision-making, as well as provide assurance and transparency. Additionally, the research provided may be used to advance the network’s knowledge base in new ways bringing forth deeper understanding.

The audits are broken down into six primary categories:

  • Key points

  • EOS Support affiliation status

  • Contact point and project links

  • Current status

  • Previous status

  • Grant Issues

The category entitled Statement about the issues from the grant owner is dependent upon finding an existing grant issue.

You can find all the Audit Reports in the EOS Support Learning Center, under the collection EOS Support > Ambassadorship Program > EOS Audit Reports. Click here to see the Audit reports.

The EOS Audit Community uses independent techniques to comprehensively audit EOS projects. Broadly, those techniques consisted of:

  • collecting unique data

  • insightfully investigation of existing data

  • interviewing grant owners

Please note that the primary method for monitoring progress is through direct project links and publicly available information. It is essential that a project, which contributes to the public good of the EOS network, demonstrates responsiveness by providing updates on the fulfillment of its commitments and deliverables.

The enhanced EOS network presents exceptional opportunities, driven by the guidance of the EOS Network Foundation and esteemed community leaders such as EOS Support and Pomelo. The number and impact of network attacks and malicious entities are consistently diminishing. However, it is important to acknowledge that transformative technologies like blockchain come with associated costs.

The members of the EOS community are increasingly determined to undertake necessary measures in order to advance the P2P Web3 economy to new heights.

To facilitate the evaluation process, we have provided a community grant request form. This form can be accessed in our Learning Center within the EOS Support Surveys collection.

To join EOS Audit, researchers who are interested can send an email to with their application.

Author: Mudassar Ejaz

Editor: Markus Hinrichs

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