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EOS Audit: Project Audit Request

Report a Pomelo grant that should get examined

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The EOS Audit Community provides a comprehensive review and analysis of Pomelo Grants.

EOS Audit conducted a range of comprehensive activities, encompassing data collection, compilation, rigorous research, interviews with grant owners, and meticulous online inspections of updates, links, or media associated with grant owner proposals.

This community-driven effort enhances transparency in the EOS ecosystem, fostering a sense of assurance and accountability.

  • Project Analysis: EOS Audit reviews and analyzes a wide range of EOS projects, ensuring the community has access to valuable information.

  • Transparency and Assurance: By shining a light on project progress, EOS Audit aims to provide transparency and assurance to the entire EOS network.

  • Community Support: The project relies on community support to continue its mission of making EOS one of the leading blockchains in the #Web3 space.


Report a Pomelo grant that you want audited here.

We appreciate your support. Kindly continue to support us by donating to our grant on Pomelo Grants via

Author: Dario Cesaro

Editor: Randall Roland, Markus Hinrichs

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