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How to create an EOS Account with the smart contract signupeoseos
How to create an EOS Account with the smart contract signupeoseos

Non-service-fee dApp signupeoseos let's you create an EOS Account via simple EOS transfer

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The dappub team created a simple and easy way to generate EOS Accounts. All you have to do is make one transaction of 0.5 EOS to create your new account, from which 0.1 EOS is used for bandwidth resources, 0.1 for CPU, and the remaining 0.3 EOS is used for RAM. DApp signupeoseos doesn't charge extra fees when creating your desired account on the EOSIO Blockchain.


  • Account on an exchange or an EOS Wallet (for this guide, we use the Anchor Wallet).

  • Offline key generators like or the Anchor Wallet key generator.

Let's get started

1) Check to see if your unique EOS account name is available. You can check this on any block explorer (e.g., or

The EOS Account name needs to be 12 digits long (consisting of characters from a-z and numbers from 1-5).

- For this tutorial, we will use the 12-bit name: supporteos12

2) In this guide, we use the key generator of the EOS Wallet Anchor. Another option would be to download a trustworthy offline EOS key generator like Follow this tutorial if you need help generating a key pair with this specific tool.

For security reasons, EOS Support recommends users use offline tools to generate keys.

3) After creating a new key pair, store your keys safely. Follow these guides to learn how to back up your private keys and configure your EOS Account with maximum protection.

4) Open Anchor Wallet and place the transaction with the destination Account: signupeoseos, Token Quantity: 0.5 EOS, Transfer Memo: your new 12-bit EOS Account name followed by - and the public key from your newly generated key pair.

  1. Enter the name of the contract: signupeoseos

  2. Enter the amount: 0.5 EOS (eosio.token)

  3. Enter the string for the account creation:


  5. (use your unique account name followed by - and your new public key here)

Verify your information and click Confirm:

Anchor Wallet allows you to review the transaction. If all the information is correct, click on the green Confirm button:

If everything was entered correctly, you should get the following message, including the transaction ID.

The transaction will take time minutes to be confirmed. In the meantime, you can check the transaction process on a block explorer. All you need to do is to copy the transaction ID and paste it into the search field of a block explorer.

Below is a screenshot from the block explorer during the transaction process:

After a few minutes, you can check if your name is already registered on the blockchain by typing your new EOS Account name into the search field. If the transaction succeeded, you should see your newly created EOS Account, when it was created, and resource status (RAM, NET, and CPU).

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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Editor: Randall Roland

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