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How to create a new EOS Account with the EOS Support Telegram Bot
How to create a new EOS Account with the EOS Support Telegram Bot

Detailed step-by-step guide on how to create one free account with the EOS Support Telegram Bot and secure keys for maximum security.

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1.0 Introduction

A Bot service is an application coded in a specific computer language to automate certain tasks. Users can communicate using text, images, or speech with the Bot service. Nowadays, many platforms (such as Facebook, Slack, Monday, Intercom, Microsoft Team, Amazon Web Services, Telegram, etc.) offer bot services to their users. In this article, we will learn about one such bot service developed by EOS Support based on the Telegram App to create a new EOS blockchain account sponsored by EOS Support.

2.0 How to use the EOS Support Bot for Account Creation?

Access the Telegram-based EOS Support Bot at any time, free of charge. The bot will begin by verifying your Telegram account, and once confirmed, you can use it to create a new EOS account.

3.0 Create a Free EOS Account

The bot provides step-by-step guidance for account creation. Please carefully follow the instructions. If you enter an unrecognized command, the bot will ask you to correct it or contact the administrator. For questions, you can click the blue chat icon in the lower right corner of our website to contact EOS Support directly.

3.1 Create your first EOS Account (without using an existing EOS Account)

The first step is to acquire a pair of unused private and public keys to create a new EOS account.

3.1.1 Obtain a Set of Unused Private-Public Key Pairs

If you don't already have a set of private-public key pairs, use the command /keypairs, and the bot will create a unique set of key pairs specifically for your new EOS account.

SECURITY WARNING: Revealing Private Keys in Telegram poses a high risk. Please CHANGE YOUR KEYPAIRS after account creation. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to change KEYPAIRS after account creation.

Please make sure to store your newly generated key pairs for future use. Your private key is a crucial asset for your account's security. I'd like you to please read how to backup your keys securely here.

Sharing your private key with anyone can result in unauthorized access to your account and potential loss of assets. Please don't share your private key with others under any circumstances.

3.1.2 Propose Your Preferred Account Name (check on if the name is free)

An EOS account is limited to a maximum of 12 characters. Creating an EOS account using this bot will automatically end with .spt, leaving the last four characters fixed. You can select the first 8 characters of your account name. To submit your desired account name, please check first on if the account name is free (enter it in the search bar), and if yes, use the following format in the command prompt:

PREFERRED_NAME.spt-public key

For example. If your preferred name is smanna and your public key is EOS6cPLyYxdga74qQiZNcZBEpsYYGszVp2ywmfYSNBnFsudfMcEyE.

The command you should send to the bot is smanna.spt-EOS6cPLyYxdga74qQiZNcZBEpsYYGszVp2ywmfYSNBnFsudfMcEyE

Upon confirmation that your desired account name is available, the bot will notify you with a success message, and your freshly created EOS account will be immediately accessible.

  • You can easily import your EOS account into any EOS wallet. Check the steps 4 to 5 and learn how this is done.

3.2 Create a Free EOS Account by using an Existing EOS Account

The process becomes even more user-friendly if you already have an existing EOS account. As illustrated in the screenshot below, provide your public key to the bot, and it will promptly generate a new EOS account on your behalf.

  • If you have a specific account name in mind, you can follow the procedure described earlier. Check its availability on first and input it in the same manner as explained in step 3.1.2.

4.0 Import your new EOS Account to the Anchor Wallet

In this step, I will guide you to import your EOS account to the trusted Anchor Wallet. First desktop, then mobile version.

Anchor Wallet is a public good. Anybody can avail of this wallet service anytime, from anywhere in the world, and free of cost. If Anchor Wallet is not installed on your computer or mobile phone, download it from the Greymass website.

4.2 Import New EOS Account into the Anchor Wallet

Anchor Wallet boasts exceptional security and offers a seamless experience on desktop and mobile platforms.

4.2.1 Import your EOS Account (Desktop Version)

In the desktop version of the Anchor Wallet, you'll find a handy feature called Manage Wallets. This feature enables you to effortlessly import your newly created EOS account into the wallet. As depicted in the screenshot below, click the Manage Wallets button and select Import Account(s).

As shown in the screenshot below, click the Import an Existing Account button to move to the next screen.

As shown in the screenshot below, click the Import Private Key button to move to the next screen.

Now, you've reached the final and crucial stage of the process. Copy the private key from your backup into the designated field. Private keys always commence with the number 5 and have a length of 51 characters.

If you have entered the correct private key, your EOS account connected to the private key will be displayed just below the private key. Click on the check boxes beside the accounts and the green Import Accounts button.

Well done! You have successfully imported your new EOS accounts to the Anchor Wallet and are ready for the transactions on the EOS blockchain.

4.2.2 Add an EOS Account (Mobile Version)

In the mobile version of the Anchor Wallet, you'll find a feature called Add Account, which allows you to import your newly created EOS account into the wallet. As illustrated in the screenshots below, tap the ADD ACCOUNT button, then select IMPORT ACCOUNT to proceed.

Now, you've reached a crucial step in the process. As shown in the screenshot, please copy the private key from your backup and paste it into the designated field. It's important to note that private keys consistently start with the number 5 and have a length of 51 characters.

Upon correctly entering the private key, the EOS accounts (both owner and active) associated with that private key will be displayed on the subsequent screen.

Select one account at a time to import your accounts, and then click on the IMPORT button for each account individually.

Congratulations! You have successfully imported the owner and active permission of your EOS account into the mobile-based Anchor Wallet. Your account is now prepared for performing transactions on the EOS blockchain. For security reasons,

Recommended action after account creation: Since you did not choose your key(s), change your key(s), configure your EOS account with best practice configuration, and always backup your private keys.

5.0 Daily powerup (free transactions)

To power up your account, please input the following information into the Telegram prompt:


This will provide you with sufficient resources to perform 4-6 free transactions per day or 2 swaps (for more complex transactions).

You can utilize this bot to power up your EOS Account once every 24 hours.

6.0 Conclusion

In this article, we've delved into the seamless process of harnessing the Telegram App-based EOS Support Bot to create an EOS account with ease, even if you lack an existing EOS account. Furthermore, we've provided a guide on acquiring free transactions through the user-friendly /powerup command.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with EOS Support. You can do so by clicking on the chat icon in this website's lower right corner.

Author: Sukanta Manna

Editor: Markus Hinrichs, Randall Roland

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