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Important Update: Disabling Deferred Transactions for EOS Network Upgrade
Important Update: Disabling Deferred Transactions for EOS Network Upgrade
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Dear developers, project owners and (d)App owners

We wanted to inform you about an upcoming change that will impact the way your applications interact with the EOS network. As part of the ongoing efforts to enhance the reliability and performance of the EOS network, Deferred Transactions (Scheduled Transactions) will be disabled in preparation for the release of Leap 5.0.0.

What's Changing:

Deferred Transactions, which were officially deprecated in October 2019, have posed challenges in terms of network stability, history tracking, and smart contract behavior. Therefore, in coordination with EOS Node Operators, the EOS Network Foundation has devised a plan to disable Deferred Transactions by Thursday, September 14th, 2023.

Why the Change:

Deferred transactions have introduced complexities and uncertainties into the network ecosystem. They complicate the operation of nodes, history tracking, and smart contract behavior. With the imminent release of Leap 5.0.0 and its protocol feature, Instant Finality, it is imperative to disable deferred transactions to ensure the network's smooth operation and stability.

Action Required:

We kindly request all EOS Application Developers to review and if necessary to remove deferred transactions dependencies from your applications by Thursday, September 7th, 2023, to prevent service disruptions.

For more detailed instructions please read here.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the EOS ecosystem. We look forward to supporting your business should you need any help.

For any questions or if you encounter an unexpected issue, reach out to for live support or email us at


Randall Roland

Founder, Director, CEO of EOS Support

EOS network DAO Support department

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