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How to join EOS Synergy

This article will help its readers to understand what is EOS Synergy and how to join it

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EOS Synergy is a Web3 platform for community-led learning, which is backed by EOS Support. It operates as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) comprising influencers who engage in the global education and onboarding of users.

The platform offers various educational resources such as EOS news, EOS support, and interactive open-mic sessions. Moreover, active contributors and enthusiastic learners within the community have the opportunity to receive EOS rewards and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These initiatives foster an engaging and productive environment for web3 enthusiasts, project owners, and participants. Additionally, EOS Synergy's live video sessions comprehensively cover significant topics within the web3 industry as they unfold.

EOS Synergy's open mic session happens at 7 p.m. UTC every Saturday on Twitter. Anybody can join as a speaker, interact with hosts, express opinions, and get $EOS as a reward. For joint sessions, you can approach or go to the EOS Support website and open a ticket.

The following shows are featured on the platform of EOS Synergy. These shows feature a discussion of the latest in EOS, an open Q&A session, and a giveaway program.

  • The Giveaway Show by EOS Support features a summary of EOS fireside chat, welcomes by a Q&A session, and giveaways for participants by quiz session from all across the globe.

  • EOS Pulse Giveaway Show happens every week and targets African and English-speaking communities.

  • EOS Pulse Open Mic, dedicated to African and English-speaking communities, is featured every week on Twitter, choosing a topic for discussion among the participants.

  • EOS Exploration Journey features AMA focusing mainly on Chinese-speaking communities on Tencent meetings to promote awareness in and outside the EOS community.

  • EOS Mexico focuses on Spanish-speaking communities, live on Twitter spaces spreading awareness in and outside the EOS communities.

  • The Flash Cash and PrayToProfit YouTube videos target both the European and English-speaking communities. Their aim is to promote awareness of EOS beyond its existing community and provide educational content for (new) EOS users.

We trust that this article has provided you with a clear understanding of EOS Synergy and the process of joining its sessions.

Here you find EOS Synergy's monthly reports.

To join EOS Synergy, influencers who are interested can send an email to with their application (any social media platform).

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