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[03.16-03.29] Newsletter: $20M for GameFi Development, EVM Live on Testnet, Leap 4.0.0rc2, Multichain, WAX Hardfork
[03.16-03.29] Newsletter: $20M for GameFi Development, EVM Live on Testnet, Leap 4.0.0rc2, Multichain, WAX Hardfork

Published on April 7, 2023

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Author: Marco González

Editor: Randall Roland

ENF Updates: Leap 4.0.0 RC-2

It’s amazing how fast development happens on EOS. The EOS Network Foundation announced Leap 4.0.0 release candidate version 2 on March 23. Features listed were:

  • Increased Performance w/Multi-Threading

  • Reduced Latency & Faster Block Propagation

  • More control & Visibility Around State & History Data

Technical details are available on GitHub. The most recent ENF Monthly Program & Operations Health Report became available on March 16. Read about new initiatives, milestones, status updates, and much more. The ENF reminded the community that:

“Starting April 15th the Yield+ program will require that participating protocols receive an audit from a reputable firm”

ENF CEO, Yves La Rose, commented on the failure of reserve banking and how EOS EVM will set a new standard. EVM news is up next.

EVM Completed, Testnet Live, Multichain Partnership, and WAX Hardfork

EOS EVM will likely be live before publishing the next newsletter. Much will happen by then. Already many events and new projects coincide with the beta going live on April 14. Below is a quick list of what took place during the second half of March:

EOS EVM sets to complete a security audit before going live on the mainnet. Join the ENF telegram channel to see for yourself all the activity and excitement happening on the EOS Network.

Conference Updates

ENF CEO Yves La Rose joined a panel discussing the future of web3, gaming, and the metaverse at Paris Blockchain Week. ENF representatives connected with industry professionals and innovative thinkers in DC at the International Woman of Blockchain celebration. Representatives also joined a blockchain summit hosted by the Chamber of Digital Commerce. GameFi is a central focus of the EOS EVM launch. San Francisco Game Developers Conference offered abundant opportunities to connect with like minds. March 24 marks the final ENF conference attendance until EVM launches on April 14. That’s not stopping the community from preparing for Consensus 2023 in Texas on April 26. Sponsored by Coindex, the event is touted as the biggest in Web3. News about EOS EVM is getting around.

ENV Commits $20M to GameFi

On March 19, Yves La Rose announced that EOS Network Ventures would make a:

“...formal commitment to invest $20M directly into $EOS EVM and GameFi projects!”

He went on to describe the unparalleled potential to impact the future of crypto:

“In addition to being BY FAR the fastest EVM, EOS EVM will also have the most funding available for builders.”

That statement says it all. However, for those looking to gauge popular opinion, breaking news articles include those by CoinDesk, CryptoSavingExpert, and Coinbold. The ENF has yet to release details about its plan to coordinate with ENV beyond responding to early feedback. Note that $100M was the initial funding target.

Bountyblok’s New Features for Bitcoin Ordinals

Bountyblok exists to advance web3 as a marketing engagement tool. It’s a free-to-use, easy deployment tool for NFT drops and management. It was integrated as an EOS distribution tool in 2021. Stephane Bisson of EOS Nation outlined some of bountyblok’s new features for inscribing Bitcoin Ordinals. The video is a short clip from a recent Fireside chat where Stephane outlines new social tasks and rewards for holding Bitcoin Ordinals. While there were no new EOS-specific features, Stephane did hint at potential bonus tasks for holding Pomelo Bitcoin Ordinals. He concluded by saying “there’s just more options now” in describing how bountyblok’s new features elevate the space as a whole. For example, the new features coincide with NFTs for billboards in the promotion of Earth Day. Stephane also mentioned that (EOS) projects wishing to get on the bountyblok whitelist could reach out to him.

Pomelo: S5 Closes, Poker, and More

Bitcoin Ordinals were a bit of a surprise for the crypto space. Their meteoric rise makes them the ideal destination for Pomelo Astronauts. Pomelo’s fifth season has concluded. The next step is a comprehensive analysis before distributing the matching fund pool. An unexpected announcement was Pomelo possibly accepting other tokens besides EOS. It's a consideration in light of successful inter-blockchain communication (IBC). The end-of-season Pomelo Poker tournament went on as scheduled. The event proves to be a fun way for grant owners to interact and win rewards.

Upland Hackathon

With the rise of GameFi and EOS EVM coming soon, Upland is making a push to take gaming to the next level. Upland Hackathon 2023 is an opportunity for...developers, blockchain enthusiasts, gamers, and anyone who loves stacks of cash and the jingle of UPX coins… to earnserious prizes and opportunities to bring unique experiences into Upland.” Participants can choose from three tracks:

  • FIFA World CupTM Track

  • Innovation Track

  • Design Track

Ideas may be submitted without any coding or blockchain knowledge. Participants get the chance to collaborate with the Upland team, the ENF, and meet developers during an “Upland Tools 101” session. Registration ends on May 12 with submission closing on May 26. Find out more on the Upland blog.

EOS Community Updates

With the community focused on the EVM launch, new partnerships, GameFi funding, and glimpsing Leap 4.0, it’s easy to overlook more isolated projects. Noteworthy, albeit no mention of AntelopeIO or Leap, was announcing:

“...self-hosted GitHub Action that automatically evaluates EOSIO smart contracts for potential vulnerabilities with every push request...”

Note that the March 22 Node Operator Roundtable was canceled. Eden on EOS continues to discuss issues across delegation levels (on telegram) in advance of the next election scheduled for April 8. 👇 more weekly resources for exciting news from around the community:


A bi-monthly newsletter produced by Coverage spans from March 15 through March 29 highlighting recent events and key projects within the EOS ecosystem.

Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for expansive Web3 networks.

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