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EOS Support is a global, multilingual, community-driven customer support service on the EOS Network.

EOS support performs training and testing, scam prevention, operation control, learning center, the Giveaway Show, social media outreach, Antelope release platform support, and the EOS support squad program.

The EOS Support Squads coordinate to identify their respected members, build consensus, and reward projects with pooled funds from elected delegates in an accountable manner. Individual members can maximize their independence by joining the EOS Support Squads to receive pooled funds and collaborate for the betterment of EOS and EOS Support.

To assist the EOS Respect community, we have introduced EOS Audit.

EOS Audit provides a comprehensive review and analysis of Pomelo and affiliated EOS Support projects. The goal is to provide EOS Respect and the broader EOS community with enough project information to assist users in their decision-making during pomelo seasons.


Author: Dario Cesaro

Editor: Randall Roland

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