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Exchanges listing USD₮ on EOS

USD₮ not only can be stored in your EOS Account but also can be transferred from EOS Account to exchanges across the globe.

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"Stable coins have bridged the gap between crypto currencies and traditional financial systems."

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1.0 What is USD₮?

USD₮ is the first and most widely used stable coin pegged to United States Dollar (USD). It was created by Tether Limited which is owned by a Hong Kong based company called iFinex Inc. Tether has released quite a few stable cons beside USD₮. Some of the other stable coins developed by Tether are EUR₮ pegged to Euro, CNH₮ pegged to Chinese Yuan, XAU₮ pegged to Gold and MXN₮ pegged to Mexican Peso.

2.0 Use of USD₮

USD₮ provides liquidity and hedge against market volatility. It is used as collateral by lending and staking protocols of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

3.0 Storing of USD₮

USD₮ is supported by almost all exchanges that exist till date. You have ample options to store it. Not only in exchanges, it can be kept also in other supported wallets and hardware. You can keep USD₮ in your EOS Account.

4.0 Transfer of USD₮

You can transfer your USD₮ from one exchange to another, from one wallet to another using your favorite network, the EOS blockchain. USD₮ can also be transferred across exchanges using other popular blockchains such as Ethereum, Tron, Liquid, Omni, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche etc.

But, transferring USD₮ from an EOS Account to exchange is a special case, where only the EOS blockchain should be used. Trying to transfer using any other blockchain will fail and may result in loss of assets.

The Table below shows supported blockchains to transfer/swap of USD₮ in different exchanges:

Supported blockchains in different exchanges.

Table: Sukanta Manna

5.0 Conclusion

Beside other tokens, you can also keep USD₮ in your EOS Account. If you want to transfer USD₮ to/from your EOS Account, don’t forget to choose EOS blockchain as network provider.

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