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EOS Respect Election Supports Accountable Funding
EOS Respect Election Supports Accountable Funding

Published on October 3, 2022

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Author: Marco Gonzalez

Editor: Randall Roland

DeFi (Decentralized finance) changed the game for blockchain. Global finance will never be the same once crypto reaches the masses. For change of such magnitude to occur, financial innovation must continue. Enter quadratic funding.

Better than Gitcoin?

Pomelo’s community-driven quadratic funding may very well be the best option available. Early statistics outperform Gitcoin. Note that Gitcoin is a highly regarded solution for project funding. Founded in 2017, it’s the recognized leader in the space. Pomelo, in just its third season (launched in November 2021), is young by comparison. Traditional, and other seasoned, funding options have substantially more use cases to draw from than quadratic funding models.

EOS Respect Improves Quadratic Funding

As promising as Pomelo has been, the EOS Support team identified a key area for improvement. Accountability provided by the community adds a new, more reliable dynamic. Indeed, the Pomelo team does a fine job providing analytics and weeding out bad actors. However, it doesn’t have a dedicated peer network for accountability. Community-validated accountability demonstrated enough promise to inspire the EOS Support squad to launch EOS Respect.

About EOS Respect’s Funding Accountability

EOS Respect is an independent, organized body. It emerged out of EOS Support’s desire to advance concepts of accountable funding. While Pomelo provides detailed analytics for each funding round, EOS Respect elects delegates who then select, fund, and follow-up with affiliated projects.

While a stand alone community, EOS Respect recognizes projects affiliated and aligned with EOS Support. It’s a community run effort for pooling money and reaching consensus. Using a modified version of EdenOS, EOS Respect members elect their own, independent delegates. Treasury funds are then allocated to each. EOS Respect delegates have the option of funding their own projects, choosing a project deemed important to the community, donating through Pomelo, or a combination of the three.

Criteria for Accounting

The current accountability process is as follows:

  • Aspiring Delegate Pre-election Pitches

  • Approved Affiliates List

  • Recording of Promises by Project Managers

  • Accounting for How Funds Were Used by an Affiliated Project

Note that while pitches (written in advance) of an election aren’t (currently) required, promises are (for recording purposes). Delegates may choose from a list of approved affiliated projects or list a new project eligible for funding. Also, each delegate is responsible for following up with the projects they selected to fund with the EOS Respect treasury.

First Election Promises Kept: Author’s Follow-up Experiences

Following up with first election promises seemed to go smoothly across the board. Affiliated projects have a vested interest in EOS Support. As the first election’s Head Chief Delegate, I found project managers eager to describe their progress. The information provided was as requested and useful for inclusion into the accountability process.

There were many affiliated projects considered. With just a single election in the books, EOS Respect is still determining how best to use opportunities like Pomelo grants. Also, the early nature of most affiliated projects meant few were ready to report on their funding allocation. Other projects, like EOS Briefings, have received support directly through the EOS Support Pomelo account. Thus, while aligned with, and helping grow EOS Support's mission, several projects were left off the shortlist below:

  • EOS Support

  • EOS Bees

  • EOS Vision

  • EOS Vietnam News

  • Chinese Eden Community (EdenCN)

EOS Support used funds towards its monthly reports. EOS Bees funded a high-priority swarm with its funding allocation. EOS Vision is fully committed to helping raise awareness of the “good deeds” both EOS Respect / Support provide for the community. EOS Vietnam News translated articles for inclusion on EOS Support, as well as allocated funds for web expenses. EdenCN develops video tutorials promoting EOS Support and is in the process of developing a website for which EOS Support’s live chat will be added.

View a few stats in the EOS Respect monthly update.

New Delegates

Each delegate term lasts one month. Out of five breakout rooms, EOS Respect participants selected five new delegates. They are:

  • Veronica Diaz

  • Chirochkin Evgeny

  • Sangyong Jeong

  • Jesse Jaffe

  • Dario Cesaro

As with Eden on EOS, sortition was used to select the Head Chief Delegate: Jesse Jaffe.


EOS Respect expects to grow alongside the mainnet community. Affiliated projects are still being compiled. With each passing Pomelo season, an increasing number of projects find value in EOS Support services. As an independent, private entity, EOS Respect is certain to attract more affiliated impact projects for which to allocate a growing funding pool.

Accountable funding has a bright future in crypto. It adds a level of trust to an industry otherwise perceived by the general public. Financial accountability also remains a high-priority for non-blockchain industries. EOS Respect’s pioneering solution is backed by a dedicated EOS Support Community. Members have proven their resolve to launch and maintain new solutions. Together, EOS Support members positively alter the trajectory of the EOS ecosystem. EOS Respect is the young community’s latest endeavor.

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