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How Many EOS Coins Are There in Circulation?
How Many EOS Coins Are There in Circulation?
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EOS Network has 1,078,012,932EOS in circulation at the time of writing. (December 26, 2022) And the Issued Supply is 1,142,685,280 EOS.

When the network launched, its software developer ( was allocated 100m EOS tokens locked in a 10-year vesting schedule. In December 2021, the EOS Network agreed to stop vesting those tokens when it essentially fired for failing to continue software development or support for the EOS ecosystem.

ENF CEO Yves La Rose coordinated a multi-signature proposal to reissue the previously incinerated EOS tokens in November 2022. Thus, 68,277,906.6221 EOS were issued with consent from 15 of the top 21 BPs. These newly issued tokens will be a funding source for EOS Network Ventures.

The Network continues operating using a 3% annualized inflation with 1% being directed to block producers and 2% funding the treasury for the EOS Network Foundation.

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