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How to create an EOS Account with a hardware wallet and how to use it with Anchor
How to create an EOS Account with a hardware wallet and how to use it with Anchor

Create an EOS account from using Ledger key

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This tutorial will go through some steps to register the hardware wallet Nano Ledger X/S with Anchor.

Installing the EOS software on nano ledger:

Ledger Nano X/S is a secure hardware wallet. It connects to any computer through USB and embeds a built-in OLED display to double-check and confirm each transaction with a single tap on its buttons.

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1. Firstly, you need to set up your Ledger in order to make a new account in it. For this operation, you need to install the Ledger Live application. With the Ledger Live application, you can manage what kind of coins you will store in the wallet. The complete list of supported crypto-coins is available here.

If there is a firmware upgrade please update the ledger key.


2. From the Ledger Live app menu, select the Manager option in the right menu.

3. From the App catalog, select the Eos (EOS) app and install it.

4. Now that you have set up the ledger wallet, you need to obtain the EOS Public Key. Close the Ledger Live app and enable the EOS app on the ledger key (more info about how to allow EOS on the ledger key is available here). After that, you need to download and install Anchor Wallet.

Open the Anchor app from the main menu on the left side, select the Tools option and then select Ledger under Hardware Wallet Support.

5. Click on Enable Ledger Service (1.) and press the Load Public Key (2.), then copy and save it for the next step and Confirm Public Key using your Device.

6. The next step is to create an account using the site. What you need to do is to: put the EOS account name (12 characters in length) (1.), and paste the Public Key you receive from anchor into the field Public EOS Key (2.)

7. If everything is entered correctly, the page will show you the data you can use to pay for the account, such as the example below:

8. Now, you need to pay an amount of 0.28 EOS to the signupeoseos account with the same Memo provided by the webpage (you have the option to copy the memo string, and then you can paste it when making payment from the exchange).

9. The last thing to do is to reopen the Anchor Wallet and import the account. In the left main menu, click on Home, then in the center of the screen, click Manage Wallets. A new screen will open. Select the Import Account(s) and click the blue Load from Ledger button under Import an existing Account using a Ledger device.

A new page will be displayed where you can see your new account. Check both versions and then Import it by pressing the green Import Account(s) button.

The new account is now visible in the list of all your EOS accounts

Congratulations! Now you can be 100% sure that you’re secure from viruses, hackers and phishing sites.

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