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Eden on EOS Funding

Maximizing independence, building consensus and fractal democracy

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The goal of EdenOS is to give the EOS community a decentralized, transparent, democratic, governance process.

Eden is a community of individuals cooperating to maximize the independence of its members and thereby securing life, liberty, property, and justice for all.

One of the principles of Eden is that two people working together are stronger than two uncoordinated individuals. By working together both people increase their individual power and independence in the world. Anytime two or more people come together a process is needed for consensus building and delegation of authority.

Eden OS is a unique governance process that leverages the wisdom of the crowds to identify the best community representatives in a manner that has as its goal the avoidance of devolving into party politics, popularity contests, or incumbent advantage.

One of the most important ways any community can achieve independence is to adopt its own currency. Currency is one-half of most transactions and represents the economic power of the individuals and the community as a whole. The Eden community has chosen EOS to be its currency of choice and will work to maximize the utilization and adoption of EOS as a currency both within the community and outside.

Eden OS is the “operating system” of this community and it governs how community members are added and removed as well as how community funds are allocated to representative members.

Eden operates under the principles of true democracy, which includes the principle of voluntary consent. This means that you must be invited to join and that you can leave (or be asked to leave) at any time. The goal of the community is to create an environment where everyone benefits by maintaining a voluntary alliance governed by EdenOS.

While the Eden community may be invite-only, members are encouraged to be proactive in identifying and inviting others to join the community. The more people who join Eden the stronger we all become. Anyone interested in joining is encouraged to join our discussion forums and engage with the Eden community.

Author: Peter Valenčič

Editor: Randall Roland, Markus Hinrichs

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