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Most important rules for Pomelo

A warning for those who are thinking about how to game the system

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Author's note: Since the owners of the projects are known, it is not recommended to try to game the system (or get an advantage). Project owners and accounts that game the pomelo system risks losing their reputation and getting the opportunity of participating in the future.

The two most important rules are:

  • DO NOT offer gifts/financial incentives to users in return for donations (quid-pro-quo).

  • DO NOT make up an identity to contribute.

For more details, you can read here, here and here.

Rule violations could lead to a match reduction or nullification.

What is allowed?

One can share their pomelo pitches to get more recognition from the community. Some projects go on other YouTube channels to promote their pomelo pitch.

Warning: Please don't spam eos channels with your pomelo pitches!

Pomelo team checks for:

  • Duplicate identities

  • Impersonation

Pomelo team uses Fraud Deterrent Mechanisms such as:

  • References

  • Web presence audit through social Media accounts and GitHub

Pomelo team uses many tools to monitor for bad actors. Some of the tools are:

  • Auth0 anti-bot account creation

  • On-chain token transfer analysis

  • Common user behavioral patterns

  • Isolated donation clustering

  • Circulation donation pattern

  • On-chain EOS account linking

Follow the rules and have a happy pomelo season!

Author: Dario Cesaro

Editor: Markus Hinrichs

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Sources & References:

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