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How to create a free EOS Account using Wombat Wallet
How to create a free EOS Account using Wombat Wallet

In this article you will be guided through all the steps to create a free EOS Account using the Wombat Wallet

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Wombat is available on mobile (Android and iOS) and chrome extension for Desktop.

Create a free EOS Account

Open wombat wallet and click on the SIGN IN button.

Next, confirm by clicking on the checkbox that you have read and understood its terms & conditions, including privacy policy. Click the checkbox, to display methods to sign up.

Creating a free EOS Account on Wombat will require one of the following;

  • Google account

  • Facebook account

  • Twitter account

  • Apple account

Choose the method you would like to sign up with and log in.

Set a passphrase to protect your account on your device to open this account.

Select the EOS blockchain.


Pick a unique EOS account name for yourself (with a maximum of 12 small letters and numbers 1-5).

In this example we use "myeosadress1"


Backup your Account on your Google Drive or your Dropbox.

And you are all set!

Congratulations for signing up for your new EOS Account.

To view your wallet, find the Wombat icon in the extension menu in the upper right of your browser window and click on it.

Click EOS.

To see your EOS Account (Your Deposit Address).

In this example "myeosadress1"

Check on the Block Explorer if your EOS Account was created successfully.

In this example we use

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