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Contributing Entropy to the Eden Election with Bitcoin Block Headers
Contributing Entropy to the Eden Election with Bitcoin Block Headers

Help randomize the people into groups and randomize the election of the sortition winner

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Getting Bitcoin Block Header

1. Go to and copy the string (hash).

Example, copy the hash from your bowser:


2. Modify this URL:${hash}/header

and replace ${hash} with your string (hash) from step 1.

In my example it looks like this:

Then copy the URL in your browser, visit it and copy the Bitcoin block header (btc_header):

3. Go to Genesis Eden Account, Actions: electseed on

Enter the long string (Bitcoin Header) from step 2. into btc_header.

Click on Submit Transaction.

The Outcome:


You'll receive a normal tx was accepted message. Your seed will be the active seed, until a block header with greater proof of work is submitted.


If you submit a header with low proof of work in comparison with the latter, you may see one of the following errors. In this case, you continue to submit block headers in the time window to find one with greater proof of work.

  • assertion failure with message: New seed block must have greater POW than previous seed.

    • The contract will take the block that has the most proof of work. This error tells you that the block you submitted doesn't have as much proof of work as the block the contract has already accepted from a previous submission.

  • assertion failure with message: Cannot seed election now

    • You're submitting too early or too late. You must submit seeds in a specific time window.

      • 24 hours before the start of the election

      • the 2 hour window of the sortition round

  • Seed block could not be in the required time window

    • assertion failure with message: Seed block is too early

    • assertion failure with message: Seed block is too late

Author: Dario Cesaro

Editor: Randall Roland

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