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How to prepare for an Eden Election
How to prepare for an Eden Election

What do I need to do one hour before the Election starts?

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Things to do before an Eden election:

You need a Zoom account to participate in the election. Set up a free Zoom account at

All delegates should record voting rounds!

⚠️ We recommend using Zoom desktop (not mobile) when participating in election rounds. Zoom doesn't offer good recording options on mobile/tablet; therefore, you should have other means to record your call if you use Zoom on mobile/tablet.

Prepare an hour before the start of an Eden election!

Join the Eden telegram private members chat. Click the Zoom link to enter the main room where the Eden on EOS Community is gathering.

Prepare your Zoom profile before the election starts.

Open up the Eden Election Basics Slideset for reference.

This step is very important:

Log into the Eden portal (Click here) and enter your Eden election password to clear that orange banner.

Note: If you are registered and don't see an orange banner, you are set and ready to go! You only see the orange banner if your browser doesn't have the password. Password is stored locally on the same computer and browser; therefore, use the same computer and browser during Election Day!

Click the orange button above Enter the election password.

After you should get a success message that your password is all set:

Important information during the Election

The person who enters their election room first will host the meeting and have to give the other participants the right to record. All members in the room should record the meeting.

Record in Gallery view

Record videos in Gallery View. Select this at the top right of your screen.

Note: Some other Zoom settings can interfere with this setting, so verify that you can record in the Gallery View before the election.


Click on Record (Round Icon) at the bottom of the zoom screen.

If your record button is inactive, the Host (notice how it’s indicated in parentheses in the screenshot) will have to grant you recording permission.

The Host has to click on the Participants icon (also shown above), and next to your name, click More and select Allow to Record... for you.

Depending on the Host’s account type, they may also be able to make others Co-host, which also can record.

There is 40 minutes for discussions and chances to reach a consensus.


  • Rounds are 1 hour long (contract-enforced)

    • 10-min warm-up (get Zoom links, prepare, etc.)

    • 40-min zoom call

    • 10-min wrap-up (finish getting votes in)

    So that you know, please try to start picking who you want to vote for 15 minutes (or as soon as possible) into the meeting. You can always change your votes.

    Note: > 2/3 of cast votes is required to reach a consensus. A group that doesn't reach a consensus will not have representation in the subsequent rounds. The chosen delegate has to vote for himself.

    After each round, all members reconvene in the community room. When all breakout rooms are finished and the round is completed, there will be time to re-group and start the next round.

  • Sortition round is 2 hours - Enough time to get BTC block header for randomization. The chief delegate round will be a round to elect the head chief delegate.

    Note: The elected chief delegates will be in the community room for the AMA session during the 2 hours.

Video uploads

  • Participants can upload video recordings as soon as their round is complete.

  • Participants have 14 days to upload videos.

Details and Further Reading

  • Wiki — Learn more about the election, EdenOS, and Fractally Team (the team that built the software).

Docs (referenced above)

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