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How to create an EOS Account using Anchor Wallet
How to create an EOS Account using Anchor Wallet

In this article you will be guided through all the steps to create an EOS Account using the Anchor Wallet

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The account creation steps can be divided into two phases. The first phase is to pay for the account, and the second is to create the account itself.

Pay for the account on the Anchor website.

The first step is to go to this website and select Create a new account.

Then select the blockchain you want to create your account on. In our case, we choose EOS.

Now, confirm your order details and click Continue to Payment.

Enter your credit card information, then click the blue Pay button.

After the payment is processed, you will see the confirmation page with two options:

  1. Copy account creation link: It allows you to save and continue the process later or send the link to a friend as a gift for them to create their account.

  2. Create account now: It will allow you to continue creating the account.

This time we will Create the account now.

After the payment, you will receive a new message with the link in your email.

Download Anchor Wallet and launch it

Whether you selected the Create account now option in the previous step or you saved the link to use it later when you open it, you will see the following options:

  • Launch Anchor on this device: Use this option if you have Anchor Wallet already installed on your system.

  • Create on another device: It will give you the options to create the account using another device that already has Anchor Wallet installed (Like your mobile phone, for example)

  • Download Anchor: It will send you to the download website for you to install Anchor Wallet in your system.

Important: If you downloaded Anchor Wallet on this step, please, remember to get back to this page and now select “Launch Anchor on this device” after it, to continue your EOS account creation process. If you don’t do it, your newly installed Anchor Wallet will never know you are ready to create the account.

Recommendation: If you are using the Desktop version of Anchor Wallet, keep it opened before using the Launch Anchor on this device button. Some operative systems do not recognise the link if the app is not open.

Configure your Account

If it’s the first time you are using Anchor Wallet, it will ask you to create a new password to protect your account:

Now, you are ready to set your account name. You have a maximum size of 9 characters (you can use letters from “a” to “z” and numbers from 1 to 5)

Confirm you are OK with the chosen name and the network where your account will be created. You can also link your new account to your Hardware Wallet by activating the Ledger Options (not covered in this tutorial).

You may have to authorize this action with your created password.

You will see a waiting page like this for a few seconds:

And then you are finished. Your account is now created!

Important: You can (and should) create a backup of your account for recovery if there is a device failure:

After that, you can see your Anchor Wallet configured with your new account.

Check on the Block Explorer to verify if your account was created successfully.

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