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The importance of EOS EVM

Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

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Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

In Ethereum, developers code smart contracts in a programming language called Solidity. The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) enables the execution of smart contracts written in Solidity on other blockchains that do not use the Solidity language.

Why EOS Needs EVM

The programming language used to write smart contracts is different for each blockchain. If a smart contract written in the programming language A cannot operate on the blockchain using the language B.

In EOS, developers use the C++ language rather than the Solidity language used in Ethereum; Ethereum developers must re-code their smart contract in C++ to deploy it on EOS.

It is EVM that decreases these inconveniences. The 'Ethereum Virtual Machine' EVM makes Ethereum's programming language compatible with EOS.

So EOS EVM is essential for developers *not to reinvent the wheel.

*Don't reinvent the wheel: A famous programming aphorism: Don't waste your time trying to build something that already exists.

The current blockchain industry uses Solidity the most. So, many Layer 1 blockchains are adopting EVM to attract developers and expand their ecosystem.


Bringing the EVM to EOS opens up many opportunities for developers who want to use EOS and Ethereum.

EOS EVM can be the best EVM with advantages such as 0.5 second block time, up to 10,000 TPS, and almost free transaction fees. This fact means the possibility for Ethereum-based projects and developers to remove the limitations of Ethereum in the EOS EVM.

In the EOS EVM, Ethereum developers can to implement their code on EOS by simply clicking a button.

EVM compatibility is essential to unlocking the potential of EOS. Ultimately, for a blockchain to succeed, it needs to be adopted and used. The EOS EVM could introduce more Ethereum developers and users to EOS.

EVM+ Working Group

The EVM+ Working Group is a working group led by EOS Argentina. Their purpose is to build an optimal solution for EOS EVM compatibility.

The EVM+ Working Group is working hard to build a viable solution before summer 2022. Also, according to the Mandel (EOSIO rebranding) roadmap, EOS will include new features which can accelerate EVM.


EOS EVM can be a stepping stone to the success of EOS, and EOS EVM can be the best EVM. But, to attract many Ethereum developers and projects to the EOS ecosystem, various efforts must be accompanied by technical advantages, availability of funds, and expansion of related libraries.

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