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What are the benefits of becoming an Eden member?
What are the benefits of becoming an Eden member?

Get rewards for joining EOS's governance system

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Benefits of being an Eden member:

Power to have an impact in your community life. Typically, you have to take office or be a civic organizer in your community to have any on your community. Eden creates the opportunity for you and others to pool money, align on the representatives that will represent your concerns best in allocating that money, and finally spend the pooled money to your benefit.
That includes
1) the benefit of applying more funds (the pooled funds) than you could apply to a project individually and
2) have more influence than you would have in others systems of coordination. See How does Eden emphasize and support the power of the individual? in this document for details on how your influence is magnified.
More benefits:

  • Benefit from networking with the founders of EOS blockchain and many EOS developers.

  • Join the "private" Eden member-only group and interact with all Eden members.

  • Have the opportunity to interact with Daniel Larimer, an Eden member (the founder of DPOS, Bitshares, Steem, and EOS).

  • Build trust within the Eden community, and earn job opportunities.

  • Get funding to build applications for the EOS community.

  • Opportunity to get funded and hire others to build applications on the EOS network.

  • Receive preferential treatment to perform duties and services for projects within the Eden community.

  • An opportunity to participate in fractal governance (blockchain governance) in the EOS community.

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