How to create a proposal for an MSIG transaction

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Create an MSIG Transaction with

Step-by-step guide


1. Login with your EOS Account. If you are with your active permission on the MSIG, log in with your active permission.

2. Activate MULTISIG MODE by clicking on the slider button

3. Click on Wallet.

4. Transfer Tokens (

5. Enter the EOS Account that would be receiving the transfer

6. The amount of the payment

7. If needed, a memo (or your text description of the transaction).

Click the blue Transfer button; the interface changes to the Propose Multisig Transaction Interface.

Contract: eosio.token; and Action: transfer

Enter your MSIG Account at 1. Authorization, and 2. From

3. Enter the Accounts that would receive the transaction.

4. Enter the quantity of EOS.

5. Enter a memo, if needed.

Enter a proposal name at 6.

Click 7. green add button to add accounts that have to approve the proposal.

Add all the EOS Accounts on the MSIG account alphabetically sorted at 8.

Click on Propose and sign the transaction to execute the MSIG Transaction.

After executing your proposal, it will show up here.

Approve the MSIG proposal

If you are part of the MSIG and want to approve it:

  • Disable MULTISIG MODE on

  • Click on Approve on the MSIG.

Important: Make sure you sign the proposal with the account requested with the permission of the MSIG. Usually, this is your EOS Active account (the Active key of your EOS account, not its Owner key).

Check this when you are logged in to

To change the account if needed, click on Add Account and log in to the account with the requested permission on the drop-down list of your EOS accounts on Anchor. If the account with the requested permission doesn't appear, add it by Importing an account within Anchor and adding the corresponding EOS key:

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