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History of EOS From May 2017 - Dec 2021

EOS history at a glance

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EOS Definition

This article covers the historical facts of EOS by year.


May 2017

  • The EOS project was announced at Consensus 2017 on the 22nd.

June 2017

  • The ICO started on the 26th.

December 2017

  • On the 04th, version 2.0 of Dawn was released.


January 2018

  • The Seoul meetup was held on the 13th and the first dapp Everipedia was announced.

  • On the 16th, the investment news of TomorrowBC, a venture investment company of Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, was announced.

  • On the 23rd, the news of the Galaxy Digital investment company's EOS investment was announced.

  • On the 24th, EOS received a B grade along with Ethereum in the world's first cryptocurrency credit rating.

February 2018

  • The development plan of EOSFINEX, an EOS-based decentralized exchange, was revealed on the 13th. source

  • On the 17th, the bancor protocol was adopted for mutual exchange between tokens on the network. Bancor is a decentralized trading protocol that allows tokens on the network to be exchanged without going through a centralized exchange. Currently, Ethereum tokens can be exchanged directly in the wallet without going through an exchange. Bancor Protocol official website

March 2018

  • EOS got 5 score of total 5 score in DarpalRating on the 16th. link

  • On the 21st, EOS raised about $100 million in investment from FinLab AG, a European fintech venture capital. source

  • The development progress of Dawn 3.0, which was announced on EOS Github on the 23rd, has reached 100%.

April 2018

  • Development of Dawn 3.0 was completed on the 5th. The possibility of processing unlimited transactions in theory was mentioned as EOS enables parallel processing through inter-blockchain communication (IBC). This is a concept similar to sharding in Ethereum. Translation of "EOSIO Dawn 3.0 Now Available" by EOSYS

  • A meetup in Hong Kong was held on the 06th, and a 200 million dollar joint partnership investment and hackathon were announced for the development of the EOS ecosystem in Asia.

  • On the 11th, antpool, the second largest mining pool of Bitcoin, participated in the bp candidate.

  • On the 19th, viaBTC, the third largest mining pool of Bitcoin, participated in the bp candidate.

  • On the 19th, OK Blockchain Capital announced an investment plan worth 10 million dollar in the EOS ecosystem.

  • On the 24th, the EOS Super Node Party was held in Macau, and 6 bps, including antpool and EOSeoul, were announced.

  • On the 24th, BITFINEX and Huobi ran for the bp candidate.

  • On the 24th, Huobi ran for bp candidate.

May 2018

June 2018

  • The ICO ended on the 2nd.

  • EOSIO 1.0 was officially released on the 2nd.

  • On the 10th, the mainnet was launched by unanimous consent of BPs. However, for the actual operation of the mainnet, a vote of more than 15% of token holders is required.

  • On the 15th, the turnout exceeded 15% and the mainnet started to operate. (The actual operating mainnet version is EOSIO 1.0.3.)


January 2019

  • On the 17th, Dan Larimer, a lecturer at Virginia Institute of Technology, gave a comment on the release date of the Voice. The nuance was that he was working to address regulatory issues in the United States, and that the release date for Voice would be adjusted according to the timing.

July 2019

  • On the 30th, bitfinex, a representative cryptocurrency exchange, launched eosfinex, an EOS-based decentralized exchange.

September 2019

  • On the 23rd, EOS 1.8 update was carried out. It is a multi-unit hard fork that serves as the cornerstone of EOS 2.0 and serves as a prelude to the release of, an SNS dapp. Here, the hard fork is not a hard fork in which coins are newly issued, but a hard fork in which major programming is changed.

October 2019


January 2020

  • 13th: EOSIO 2 was released. This makes it the first blockchain software to use the WASM (WebAssembly) engine to improve performance.

February 2020

  • 26th: Governance vote on inflation rate was held.

March 2020

  • on the 26th : Voice, a social news platform, announced a $115 million investment from Block.One.

May 2020

  • Block One, the developer of EOS.IO, decided to participate in the BP voting using the tokens it owns. It is approximately 10% of the the total number of EOS tokens.

October 2020

  • On the 7th: Partnership agreement with Google Cloud

November 2020

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has officially started as EOS BP.


January 2021

  • Day 11: Daniel Larimer resigns as CTO of's long-standing notoriety for doing things without prior notice worked again this time, but the community was literally shocked because of how symbolic Dan Larimer is to the EOS ecosystem. However, the community calmed down as it became known that Dan Larimer resigned to restore leadership and improve governance of the EOS mainnet ecosystem, including the start EdenOS.

February 2021

  • Day 4: PowerUp model proposal (subject to voting)

  • Day 8: Complete execution of phase 3 of MSIG with ABI deployment

  • Day 24: Final phase execution of EOS PowerUp model MSIG completed

  • Day 26: Passed MSIG for parameter optimization of PowerUp model for EOS price fluctuations

March 2021

April 2021

  • Day 5: EOS Blockchain Supports Digital Transformation with Technology Integration with Google Cloud

  • Day 12 : Completion of EOS powerUp model

  • Day 23: Proposal of governance change.

  • Day 30: Suspension of service to prepare 2.0

  • Day 30: Product/service roadmap update: Social platform Voice, to be upgraded to NFT-based platform

May 2021

June 2021

  • 1st: Korea EOS Holder Association (KEOSA; Han Yi-yeon; officially launched.

July 2021

  • Day 1: CryptoFed DAO, the world's first legally recognized DAO, is based on the EOS blockchain.

  • Day 2: First book published through EOS blockchain-based NFT.

  • Day 7: invests over $7 million in Chintai for project expansion.

  • Day 9: Bullish's SPAC merger is valued at over $9 billion.

  • Day 17: Second round of voting for Eden on EOS begins.

  • Day 26: Announcement of release date for

  • Day 27: Bullish pilot offers over $500,000 to incentivize testing.

August 2021

  • Day 3: EOS Costarica launches a dashboard for viewing statistics on EOS blockchains and EOSIO-based blockchains.

  • Day 5:, Announce that the use of USDC stablecoin.

  • Day 6: Launch of EOS Network Foundation (ENF) founded by Yves La Rose, former CEO of EOS Nation.

  • Day 19: EOS mainnet can be used in Metamask wallet.

  • Day 25: Increase the inflation of EOS from 1% to 3% to allocate to the EOS Network Foundation.

September 2021

  • Day 6: Official and on-chain election dates for Eden on EOS are announced.

  • Day 17: Google Cloud accepts BP voting.

October 2021

  • Day 8: EOS Network Foundation awarded $100,000 each to 6 projects (EOS Go, ByWire News, AtomicAssets, Finney.World, Koreos, EOS Microloan).

  • Day 9: The first on-chain election for Eden on EOS ends. Aaron Cox, Chris Barnes, Jesse Jaffe, John Williamson, Brandon Lovejoy and Randall Roland elected Chief Delegates

  • Day 16: Grant of $100,000 each to EOS Network Foundation 11 projects (DefiBox, EOSDT,, Vigor Protocol, DeFis Network, Newdex, Organic Protocol, Pizza ProFi, DAPP Network, pNetwork, DAPP)

  • Day 26: EOS Network Foundation announces $500,000 support to Pomelo.

  • Day 30: Pomelo opening schedule announced.

November 2021

  • Day 1: The merger of Bullish and Far Peak LLC is registered with the SEC.

  • Day 7: Pomelo launched.

  • Day 8: Brock Pierce announces purchase of 45 million EOS after selling Block One shares.

  • Day 19: ENF support group revealed (Core +, Audit +, Wallet +, API +)

December 2021

  • Day 1: End of Pomelo's first season (more than $130,000 raised, 76 projects, 1022 donations)

  • Day 6:'s final proposal was to give up 32 million unvested EOS tokens.

  • Day 8: Block One's vested tokens (67 million EOS) is paused by the Block Producers.

  • Day 10: DeFi platform eCurve was hacked. The hacker was stopped and returned most of the tokens. Pizza was able to recover all their funds and eCurve was also able to recover most of the funds.

  • Day 14: Dan Larimer announces that EOS will be the DAO of DAOs.

  • Day 19: DefiBox launches Gamebox platform to develop EOS-based games.

  • Day 20: Dan larimer proposes a Mandel update (Code hard fork).

  • Day 21: Bullish, open to the public in over 40 countries.

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