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Understanding the EOS Account Name

EOS Beginner's Guide

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The general rules for creating account names for EOS accounts are as follows.

  • The account name has a maximum of 12 characters.

  • Account names can only contain the numbers 1..5, and letters

  • The first letter of a 12 characters account name must start with an alphabet.

    (✅ samplename12 ❌ 12samplename)

The regex of EOS Accounts is


EOS special account name rules

If you have won (purchased) your account name through an auction (BidName), you can create a unique account name. Account name auctions with "." are known to hold only one auction per day.

Such successful bids can be finalized after 1 day has elapsed after the highest bid is presented.

The rules for unique account names are as follows.

  • 1 to 12 characters, no more than 12 characters maximum.

  • Account names can only contain the numbers 1..5, and letters

  • The first letter must start with an alphabet.

  • Unique Account names can contain "."

The account names with the highest bids can be found on (Example: eos, 1, aa, bithumb, eosio.token , eosio.system ... )

EOS account configuration

An EOS account consists of two keys (EOS Public key): Owner Key and Active Key.

  • Owner Key: One or n keys related to account ownership can be registered.

  • Active Key: One or n keys related to account activity can be registered.

In the general case, Owner Key (1 piece) + Active Key (1 piece) = EOS Public Key, and only one is registered.

Creating a new EOS Key

EOS Key consists of a pair of EOS Public Key and EOS Private Key. It is safe to generate this EOS Key while offline. Please make sure your internet connection is offline before generating your EOS Key. Also, in this process, you must use a verified platform to be safe from theft of the key.

EOS Key can be created indefinitely, and you must not mistake EOS Key for your wallet address. The key generated in this way is used as the Owner, Active key to be registered in <Account Name>.

EOS Account and EOS Key Relationship

<Account Name> and <EOS Public Key> are n : n, not 1:1. That is, multiple <account name> registered (generated) as <EOS Public key> can exist. Also, <account name> can have multiple <EOS public key>.

In general, accounts are created in a 1:1 relationship.


3 <accounts> registered with the same <EOS Public key> :

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