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Known Scam: Impersonating EOS moderators on EOS social media
Known Scam: Impersonating EOS moderators on EOS social media

Scam prevention

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Modus Operandi:
As soon as one writes in public social media channels like Telegram, Reddit, Facebook, Discord, Instagram, etc., and asks for help, scammers are waiting to trick and steal the EOS token holder's tokens.

Beware because mostly, these are scammers! Scammers will direct message you (direct chat) and pretend to be moderators, administrators, support agents (help desk) or even EOS Support itself. The profile sometimes looks the same as the profile of administrators or moderators.



The scammers impersonating the moderators and admins on Discord use as well the same image and the same name but have a diff #nnnn associated with the actual name/account


Instead of Dario |

the scammer has another number than 9204.

The EOS moderators, administrators, or EOS Support agents will never directly message you or ask you for your private keys! If you get a direct message, please block this user immediately and report them as scammers!

Most impersonated administrators:

Some of the most impersonated administrators are Rohan and Ali from, Aaron Cox in the EOS Main channel, and many more. None of these users will write you a direct message. If you see any of these users sending you a direct message first, please block them and report.

Best Practices:

Only write on official public channels.

Never answer a direct message or a chat.

How to be 100% safe:

1) Visit (Make sure the browser URL displays the domain and not another domain).

2) Open the direct chat.

3) Start a conversation (open a ticket) and ask for help here.

Check our list of known EOS Scams!

Make sure you are up-to-date with all the ongoing EOS scams! Stay safe.

Author: Dario Cesaro

Editor: Randall Roland

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