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Does EOS have marketing?

Intro for new EOS users

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Brendan of B1, as early as 2018, tweeted/telegramed about marketing. A now-deleted comment claimed there would be “marketing on EOS like… never seen before”. Since then, he/B1 has changed their stance on marketing, walking back from mentioning EOS. They believe marketing on EOS should be spent through their EOS products, not on the chain itself. Unfortunately, this strategy excludes promoting most dApps on EOS and all public good projects.

Through the first EDEN on EOS election, the community has signaled their interest in funding a different marketing strategy than what B1 supports.

When the community started being funded, two new EOS projects were created to address the marketing void on EOS. By being voted into the Chief Delegate role, Jesse Jaffe and Randall Roland received funding for their projects called EOS Bees™ and EOS Support, respectively.

Marketing can be simplified into two aspects: attract and onboard. EOS Bees is an outreach marketing group that promotes EOS projects, attracting people to the chain. Once interested, people are forwarded to EOS Support to help them set up an EOS wallet and their questions answered.

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