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How to understand the EOS community

Intro for new EOS users

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The EOS community has gone through three stages. The first is the hype stage. The hype stage began in July 2017 and ended in the fall of 2019. A new chain, new money, and a promise of re-investment inspired many people to allocate their time to the EOS ecosystem. Projects announced a move from their chain to EOS. Thought leaders engaged in public settings, answering questions no matter minnow or whale. Price increased dramatically, then slowly simmered as the hype waned.

The second is the stagnation stage. With no investments into public goods projects, the teams who chose to stay on EOS struggled on shoestring budgets. Thought leaders became silent. Indecision caused inaction. The competition gained ground, and FUD went unanswered. Price labored sideways. Stagnation began in late 2019 and lasted through 2020.

The third, most current, is the comeback stage. Many developers have returned, and there is more hope in EOS. There are more funds in the eos ecosystem.

We are on the way to a fourth stage, prematurely called the orbital stage. We will reach orbit when we provide the world significant value found only on EOS.

When entering the EOS community for the first time, it’s best to recognize the baggage EOS OGs carry. They have suffered through stagnation through no fault of their own. But there’s a bright side. The hardships have made the eos community resilient.

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