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What does Block.One offer and what’s their relationship to EOS?
What does Block.One offer and what’s their relationship to EOS?

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Block.One (“B1”) is an $EOS token holder. The company is a member of a much broader community. B1 would have acquired 10% of $EOS tokens over 10 years if they had continued to develop the EOSIO software protocol. However, since decided to stop developing EOSIO; the EOS community stopped paying. Approximately 65 million EOS have been frozen.

Voice is an NFT platform that offers free, environmentally friendly minting of NFTs, credit card payments, and zero gas fees. They have access to a large budget that they used to purchase a high-level domain ( and recruit famous artists to the platform. They created a new NFT standard for EOSIO that can have multiple co-minters, containerized NFTs where users can effectively put NFTs inside others, lending/borrowing NFTs, and more.

Bullish is a cryptocurrency exchange that “offers an unprecedented combination of deep liquidity, automated market making, and industry-leading security and compliance.” It uses a Hybrid Order Book that offers better liquidity and predictability than its competitors. It is a “hybrid” because it combines liquidity pools from DeFi with traditional limit orders in CeFi. Investors provide liquidity into the pool with a 7-day minimum staking period and earn a return. With $10B worth of funds, Bullish will help stabilize the brutally volatile crypto market.

Bullish is designed for institutional investors. CEO Thomas Farley is the former president of the NYSE Group. Farley facilitated Bullish’s public stock offering through a merger with Far Peak Acquisition on the New York Stock Exchange. Bullish chose this route to give their users the option to purchase financial exposure without the regulatory uncertainty of a new crypto token offering.

Bullish’s private pilot program awarded participants with play $USD over three 2 week periods. The top 3 participants with the highest value portfolio won a total of $525k in prizes. The tokens available for trading were $BTC, $ETH, $USD, and $EOS. The participants observed that the $USD-$EOS liquidity pool had the highest yield compared to the other pools.

$EOS is used as a trading pair with an accompanying USD-EOS liquidity pool on Bullish. It gives the private Bullish EOSIO chain visibility without exposing sensitive internal information. Bullish will also use the EOS blockchain to publish transaction records, which proves their data has not been tampered with.

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