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What is the EOS Network Foundation (ENF)?

Intro for new EOS users

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Yves La Rose, Zack Gall, Dafeng Guo, and the EOS Network Foundation

With the acceptance of ⅔ + 1 BPs, Yves La Rose spearheaded the formation of the EOS Network Foundation with Zack Gall and Dafeng Guo as the “Core” members. Yves proposed to the BPs to increase inflation from 1% to 3% to fund projects building on EOS. 1% of inflation is used to compensate the BPs, and 2% for EOS projects approved by the BPs and the Foundation. The process relies on the trust and expertise of the Core members to choose recipients for funds.

Yves is the former CEO of EOS Nation, a top BP on EOS. He resigned to start the EOS Foundation to “fund the ongoing growth of the ecosystem.” EOS Nation is credited for developing relationships and connecting the Eastern and Western communities on EOS. Yves is, therefore, uniquely capable of representing the entire EOS community and helping build consensus.

Zack started the popular EOS podcast/YouTube channel called Everything EOS. He represents the voice of the Western EOS community and has been responsible for maintaining good morale and uncovering many newsworthy facts hidden in the ether.

Dafeng Guo founded EOS Asia, a leading Eastern BP, and is an essential voice of the Eastern EOS community.

The EOS Network Foundation and Board of advisors:

  • Encourage developers and individuals to build on EOS by leveraging the assets placed under its stewardship under the guidance and support of the Board.

  • Review grant and sponsorship proposals brought forth by the Core.

  • Help allocate resources directly to new Initiatives on EOS.

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