Lend to REX and stake for Block Producer selection (near to zero risk, APY 1-4%). It is possible to do both. You can lend to REX and stake to choose a block producer to get double rewards.

  • Lend your tokens to REX to get a portion of the profit from the network fees like the miners on BTC or ETH: https://www.bloks.io/rex?tab=lend

  • Stake and use your weighted-stake to choose Block Producers. You will get staking rewards when you stake and elect Block Producers or proxy your stake:

Eden on EOS Proxy: https://edenproxy.org/

Public Proxies who give rewards: https://genpool.io/

EOS Nation (Top BP): https://proxy.eosnation.io/

Everstake Proxy: https://everstake.one/eos

Or Newdex BP: https://newdex.io/newpool/eos (lend to REX and stake to BP is called mining on the newpool website)

Remember that when you transfer your tokens to REX, you will earn from the network fees; but when you stake to CPU/NET you will get no rewards.

Note: On bloks.io and other websites, staking is referred to as voting

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