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Where can I Stake $EOS for Rewards?
Where can I Stake $EOS for Rewards?

Brief article introducing the two benefits of proxy voting and listing available proxies.

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You can significantly boost your earnings by staking your tokens in REX (Resource Exchange) and directing your votes through a proxy. This approach offers a dual benefit ensuring a nearly risk-free APY of 1-4% + REX Rewards.

When you stake your tokens in REX, you gain the opportunity to profit from network fees in a manner akin to miners on BTC or ETH. Following EOS Support's recommended EOS account configuration, you can further enhance security by moving your REX tokens to a savings account, activating an unstaking period of 4 days.

Additionally, when you proxy the voting rights of your EOS tokens to select Block Producers, you open up the door to earning proxy rewards.

Below you find a list of proxies:

Note: Remember that when you transfer your tokens to REX, you will earn from the network fees, but when you stake to CPU/NET, you will get no rewards. On and other websites, staking is referred to as voting.

  • Other applications to stake $EOS offer an even higher yield.

    • However, these are associated with significantly more risks. It is not uncommon for these applications to have a higher chance of being hacked and losing all their money (depending on the staking method the application uses). We don't have any recommendations for this. Please make sure you are well-informed about the application before using it. Follow our best practices when interacting with an application on EOS.

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