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What are the best EOS wallets?

Recommended wallets and authenticators for EOS.

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EOS Authenticators/Wallets

A Created EOS account is stored directly in the RAM on the EOS blockchain and not in a wallet. Because the account needs RAM, it costs money to create an EOS Account. There are different ways to create an EOS account. Either you pay for an account or get a sponsored account.

The EOS wallets are authenticators to sign transactions. As long as one has their private key, one can use any EOS Authenticators (insert the private key in any legit EOS wallet/authenticators to access your EOS account).

You can display or search any EOS Account with block explorers like,,,, etc. These EOS explorers offer a set of functions you can perform with your EOS Account. Insert the EOS Account name into the search, and it will display your EOS Account and its information. You must confirm that the EOS Account is yours if you execute a process. It would be best if you had the EOS Wallets/Authenticators like Anchor, Wombat, etc. These Authenticators hold your active private key from your EOS Account, proof that the EOS account belongs to you.

List of recommended wallets/authenticators for EOS:

Mobile Wallets (Authenticators)

Anchor is a security and privacy focused open-source digital wallet for EOSIO-based networks.

Discover the most user-friendly way of handling blockchain on Desktop, iOS & Android.

Desktop Wallets and Authenticators

Anchor is a security and privacy focused open-source digital wallet for all EOSIO-based networks. If you use a hardware wallet like Ledger, this is the best working wallet to connect your Ledger to.

EOS Block Explorers

A full service wallet and block explorer service provider.

The most comprehensive & universal wallet and explorer for the EOS ecosystem.

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